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#lang racket
; runs all the players against each other as both first and second player.
(require "main.rkt" "players.rkt")
(define GAMES-PER-MATCH 100)
(define results (make-hash))
(define all-players (list player-random player-first player-last player-greedy player-nico player-generous player-horizontal player-vertical))
(define matchups (append (combinations all-players 2) (map reverse (combinations all-players 2)) (for/list ([p all-players]) (list p p))))
(for ([m matchups])
(hash-set! results m 0)
(for ([i (in-range GAMES-PER-MATCH)])
(define g (start-game (first m) (second m) 6 6))
(define current (hash-ref results m))
(hash-set! results m (if (> (first (GameState-scores g)) (second (GameState-scores g))) (+ current 1) current)) ; if p1 wins, increment the counter
(save-game! g (format "/tmp/games/~a vs ~a ~a.dbn" (player-name (first (GameState-players g))) (player-name (second (GameState-players g))) i))))
(print results)
(define csv (open-output-file "/tmp/games/results.csv"))
(display "Player 1,Player 2,P1 wins,P2 wins\n" csv)
(for ([(k v) (in-hash results)])
(display (format "~a,~a,~a,~a\n" (player-name (first k)) (player-name (last k)) v (- GAMES-PER-MATCH v)) csv))
(close-output-port csv)