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  • I make games because the alternative is to lie down and never get up again.

    I make art because art is good. One of the few good things we have in life.

    I write about it all so that others get a better shot at success than I did.

  • Joined on 2022-06-06
A toy text editor in Tcl/Tk for educational purposes.
Updated 2024-02-08 06:55:00 +00:00
A little personal database for media libraries
Updated 2024-02-04 14:53:56 +00:00
an outline note-taking editor
Updated 2024-02-03 08:19:18 +00:00
Four-color icons for graphical user interfaces in desktop applications.
Updated 2024-02-03 07:44:02 +00:00
A two-pane outliner for Markdown and org files
Updated 2024-01-29 06:49:06 +00:00
a tool to generate original art
Updated 2023-09-18 06:52:21 +00:00
A silly little adventure game of resource management and survival
Updated 2023-08-16 06:42:25 +00:00
line editor written in and for Python
Updated 2022-07-20 05:51:02 +00:00
A game development manifesto, for lack of a better word
Updated 2022-07-18 12:18:51 +00:00