54 Commits (c5aa82976d3686e89bb2b0e56a3ae216a6a1aa01)

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opfez c5aa82976d asdlfkj 7 months ago
opfez 4dcb02c209 asdf 8 months ago
opfez a0445570df asdlkfjsadlfk 9 months ago
opfez ac140306ac remove hl-sexp (too much highlighting!) 10 months ago
opfez 6ddfbead98 add fez/man-at-point, hl-sexp-mode, exwm multiscreen 11 months ago
opfez 87e774c516 add fez/screenshot and fez/swap-keyboard 11 months ago
opfez 0661bb9825 rss 11 months ago
opfez 6fed71e728 exwm stuffs 11 months ago
opfez 8b4af5d175 require newlines on all files 11 months ago
opfez a27f3af5ae improve fez/ttm-upload 11 months ago
opfez 8d00eda928 abstract theme switching 12 months ago
opfez b09b6ab15e add org-roam stuff, add email 12 months ago
opfez 8c45a40b39 switch to lispy, add fez/cl and others 1 year ago
opfez 34f3264102 asdlfjl 1 year ago
opfez 271a5cedb6 improve fez/flash-region, remove string syntax highlighting 1 year ago
opfez 18cae6b35b clean up 1 year ago
opfez 10de2fd275 add UNLICENSE to allow people to use my stuffs 1 year ago
opfez c72ae4a83e new tweaks, add fez/lookup-key and fez/ttm-upload, disable autosaves 1 year ago
opfez c3d492f731 add fez/show-kill-ring, disable prettify-symbols-mode 1 year ago
opfez e8f1a14eb4 add highlight-parentheses 1 year ago
opfez b6afa5162e add documentation, fez/kill-all-buffers 1 year ago
opfez 88d2bdb556 override sly-flash-region with fez/flash-region 1 year ago
opfez 04c5dcd1b2 trying out sly 1 year ago
opfez fe7ca6b0b4 add fez/time-stamp 1 year ago
opfez b2d7230292 remove a package, do stuffsssss 1 year ago
opfez 6dae178fd3 oops forgot to bind fez/insert-keybind 1 year ago
opfez 9dd618b881 add fez/insert-keybind, gitignore 1 year ago
opfez 4ffd8f0d0c add some stuff for org-capture, move disabling custom-variables 1 year ago
opfez bf39427e03 add backups directory, add readme 1 year ago
opfez ec0f1d1e1f delete unnecessary file 1 year ago
opfez 7a06ab6054 clean up config, separate files 1 year ago
opFez c929ef8cd2 alskdfja;lskdjf 1 year ago
opFez c8efc20173 add nice SLIME like flashes to evaluation in Geiser 1 year ago
opFez 4128eacc98 alksdfl;asdkjfalskj 1 year ago
opFez 359e7505b7 updates 1 year ago
opFez 0d0e947124 add undo-tree-mode properly 1 year ago
opFez 3e83030a01 foobarxyz 1 year ago
opFez 9d63555083 add autothemer 1 year ago
opFez 0967662f95 add custom theme, remove italic, bold 1 year ago
opFez 49d97d7bd1 foobar 1 year ago
opFez 55f423189c add new packages, qol 2 years ago
opFez 370fcfef08 update init.el, add magit 2 years ago
opFez 848d3e768b set up compile command 2 years ago
opFez f14dbf8b74 add dumb-jump 2 years ago
opFez a03d6dd93a add expand-region 2 years ago
opFez 1359e49c71 add slime 2 years ago
opFez 967ffaf2a7 add dashboard 2 years ago
opFez 61e1d7d188 diable bold text 2 years ago
opFez e994d24c39 add go-mode 2 years ago
opFez 02afbde525 add sbbs 2 years ago