My dwm configuration
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opfez c292d0663a no change focus on hover 11 months ago
dwm-cfacts-20200913-61bb8b2.diff add cfacts for real 1 year ago
dwm-deck-6.0.diff add deck layout 1 year ago
dwm-focusonclick-20200110-61bb8b2.diff no change focus on hover 11 months ago
dwm-pertag-20200914-61bb8b2.diff add pertag 1 year ago
dwm-sticky-6.1.diff asd;lfkjsad;lkfj 1 year ago
dwm-switchcol-6.1.diff switchcol, adjacent tags 1 year ago
dwm-uselessgap-20200719-bb2e722.diff asd;lfkjsad;lkfj 1 year ago