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<h1>tilde.chat <img src="/badges/badge.php"></h1>
<p>hey hi</p>
<p>tilde.chat is the irc network of the <a href="https://tildeverse.org">tildeverse</a>, an association of social unix servers built as an intentional community for teaching, learning, and sharing.</p>
<p>tilde.chat is meant to be a space for all tilde members to hang out, share, teach, and learn.</p>
<p><a rel="me" href="https://tilde.zone/@tildeverse">!toot goes here: mastodon</a></p>
<p>feel free to contact a tilde.team admin (<?php
$members = json_decode(file_get_contents("https://tildeverse.org/members.json"))->members;
foreach ($members as $member)
if ($member->name == "tilde.team")
$team = $member;
$count = count($team->sysadmins);
foreach($team->sysadmins as $sysadmin) {
echo "<a href='{$sysadmin[1]}'>{$sysadmin[0]}</a>";
if ($count>1) {
echo ", ";
}?>) for more info as we flesh out this site</p>
<h3>connection info</h3>
<p>you can connect to <em>irc.</em>tilde.chat on port 6697 with ssl</p>
<p>irc.tilde.chat is a round-robin host that will return any of the <a href="wiki/?page=servers">available servers</a></p>
<p>or localhost 6667 from a shell on any of the member tildes :) (port 7766 on ~town)</p>
<h3>mumble server</h3>
<p>connect to mumble.tilde.chat on the default port and talk!</p>
<p>might not be anyone there. shout about it on irc first!</p>
<h3>member tildes</h3>
foreach($members as $member) {
echo "\t\t<li><a href='{$member->link}'>{$member->name}</a> (sysadmin";
if (count($member->sysadmins) != 1) {
echo "s"; // plural
echo ": ";
$count = count($member->sysadmins);
foreach ($member->sysadmins as $sysadmin) {
echo "<a href='{$sysadmin[1]}'>{$sysadmin[0]}</a>";
if ($count > 1) {
echo ", ";
echo ", channel: {$member->channel})</li>&nbsp;&nbsp;{$member->description}<br><br>\n";
<!-- misc channel info -->
<h3><a href="/stats/">channel info and stats</a></h3>
<!-- closed. see: https://tilde.chat/discord/
<p>* = bridged to discord: tilde.chat private discord invites for tilde members <a href="/discord">here</a>. join and confirm that you're a tilde member to get access to the channels (including a private Discord channel for your tilde). bridging configuration can be adjusted per request.</p>
<p>please see the <a href="wiki/?page=etiquette">etiquette guide</a></p>
<p>chatting/using tilde.chat irc servers implies agreement with the <a href="https://tilde.wiki/?page=code-of-conduct">code of conduct</a>. the <a href="https://tilde.town/wiki/conduct.html">tilde.town code of conduct</a> applies as well.</p>
<p>if you have anything that needs oper attention, please send a mail to <a href="mailto:opers@tilde.chat">opers@tilde.chat</a>.</p>
<p>incidents will be handled according to the CoC as well as by admins of your home tilde</p>
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