Iteration of the 'Fancy' Vanilla forum theme.
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Iteration of the 'Fancy 1.1' Vanilla Forums theme, for use on

Original theme is available at:

The creator's website is inactive.


  • Tidied CSS: easier to read (for me) (very WIP).
  • Changed colours, size, and some padding.
  • Hid 'Gender' question+indicator.
  • increased size of post reply text box, made it resizable, and added border to make it clearer.
  • Simplified borders and made individual posts most distinct.
  • Coloured post author details.
  • Changed footer.
  • . . .

To-do list

  • Keep reorganising design/custom.css file
  • Redo views/default.master.tpl to be less DIVy
  • Work on side panel