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<h2>Who am I</h2>
<p>I'm commonly known on the internet as <i>"rnbunker"</i> or <i>"rnb"</i>. I'm a guy interested in Tech, Old stuff, Electricity, prepping, nature, Radio-Comms and recently fitness</p>I also have a huge interest for Mesh Networks and Darknets</p>The OS I use daily is Voidlinux, and sometimes I use NetBSD on my ThinkPad. Otherwise than that I also have a big interest in Privacy, Security & Anonymity(Nanonimity).</p>
<p>I also enjoy minimalism.</p>
<p>I maintain this website in my free time. Oftentimes I find nothing to do, and it is eerily quiet. So I will use this place to scream out my thoughts into the world, perhaps it may interest somebody.</p>
<p>You may contact me through the following methods:</p>
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<li><a id="link" href="pgpkey.txt">Public PGP Key</a></li>
<p>ALL email and XMPP Communication must be encrypted with PGP or OMEMO. Unencrypted Junk will be ignored.</p>