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Kroka drew me in not because of its unique flavor, but simply because it offered a five month long immersion into nature connection through travel. If I had found another organization which took this as seriously as I did (NOELS and Outward Bound didn't make that cut), I might not have done Kroka's semester program. Kroka's unique flavor is something I should discuss a bit before continuing.
###### Flavor
##### Flavor
Kroka Expeditions was founded by Misha Golfman and his wife Lynne Boudreau in 1996. Quotes below are from [](
>> Misha Golfman earned his BS in Physical Education and Recreation from Plymouth State University and MS in Environmental Studies from Antioch University, NE. As a child, he spent every summer expeditioning with his family, while foraging and fishing. Misha has spent over 50% of his lifetime living in nature and on expedition. Prior to founding Kroka he was a guide for Mahoosuc Guide Service and Outward Bound as well as a public school teacher. He and Lynne built their homestead and raised four, now adult, children on the Kroka farm sharing life with many animals. Mishas research is focused on the development of Altruistic will. He believes that sustainable future will be attained through cooperation and through partnership of humans and nature. He speaks on subjects of Compassionate Risk Taking, Inconvenient Design and Cooperative Parenting.
>> While in graduate school at Antioch New England, Misha conceived of the idea of Kroka, and the project became the theme of his thesis. He brought to the curriculum his experience teaching in the United States, as well as his background of being raised in the “Russian outdoor tradition,” traveling, learning, and teaching in the wilderness.
To my mind, there are several unique aspects of Kroka which set it apart from similar organizations. In addition to the usual focus on nature connection and community building, there is a strong emphasis on sustainability and agriculture. Misha has no reservations about teaching his personal anti-establishment anti-capitalist ideology to his students. The ambitious and demanding curriculum leaves little to no time unstructured. Finally, the Kroka philosophy always puts the group before the individual, and drills this in until putting ones personal needs last becomes habit. Read more about Kroka's methodology and ideals [here](