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- Shakespeare nerd, director, and actor
- Computer and website meddler
- Farmer boy
- Violinist (classically trained but I do fiddle stuff too)
- Nature guy (building fires, not getting lost, identifying trees, doing [this](https://kroka.org/programs/semester-school/arctic-to-manhattan-semester))
#### Music Tastes

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I have graduated and applied to colleges! I'm gone on a [Kroka][kroka] semester. I'll be away from the internet from then until June 11th, but check my blog to see if I've written you any snail mail!
I have returned from the [Kroka Expeditions][kroka] Arctic to Manhattan semester.
When I return, I'll be leaving home for good and getting ready for my freshman semester of college. My life is changing fast, and I'm trying my best to hold on.
I'm enjoying my summer, working for my family farm, and getting ready for my freshman year of college at [Williams][williams]. My life is changing fast, and I'm trying my best to hold on.
Last updated January 16th, 2022
Last updated June 16th, 2022
[About Now pages.](https://nownownow.com/about)
[kroka]: https://kroka.org/programs/semester-school/arctic-to-manhattan-semester
[kroka]: https://kroka.org/programs/semester-school/arctic-to-manhattan-semester
[williams]: https://www.williams.edu