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#### Music Tastes
I like long walks on the beach. But more than that, of course, I like Pink Floyd, Yes, Jacob Collier, the Beatles, and lots of fiddlin' jams, mind blowing classical compositions, and snippets of birdsong, from the beginning of music way back in the day all the way through to the present. I also play the violin :)
You can hear my music on any Thursday at 16:00 Eastern by tuning in to [tilderadio][]
You can hear my music on any Thursday at 16:00 Eastern by tuning in to [tilderadio](
Other killer bands and artists: Fleetwood Mac, <abbr title="Alt-J"></abbr>, Neutral Milk Hotel, Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator, King Crimson, Radiohead, the Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull, Joanna Newsom, Gil Scott-Heron, [Arden Lloyd](, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Paul Simon (and Simon & Garfunkel), Peter Paul and Mary, the Band, Joan Baez, Liz Carroll, Crosby Stills & Nash, the Gaslight Tinkers, Solas, The Decemberists, The Flaming Lips, and (last but not least) the great Django Reinhardt.

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To my mind, there are several unique aspects of Kroka which set it apart from similar organizations. In addition to the usual focus on nature connection and community building, there is a strong emphasis on sustainability and agriculture. Misha has no reservations about teaching his personal anti-establishment anti-capitalist ideology to his students. The ambitious and demanding curriculum leaves little to no time unstructured. Finally, the Kroka philosophy always puts the group before the individual, and drills this in until putting ones personal needs last becomes habit. Read more about Kroka's methodology and ideals [here](
#### The Winter Semester
Kroka runs multiple different semester programs, with slightly different itineraries and programming each year. I did the 2022 Arctic to Manhattan Semester. The Arctic to Manhattan Semester was very poorly named; it was almost false advertising, taking advantage of the average person's lack of knowledge about the geography of northern Canada. We did not begin in the Arctic. In fact, we never went to the arctic, or even anywhere that might fit the loose definition of the word "subarctic". Instead, we went to Uapishka, also known as Les Monts Groulx - a beautiful and majestic part of the world indeed, harshly cold and bright, but not the Arctic. Our latitude was 51°37N, roughly the same as London at 51°30N. I don't think anyone would claim that London is part of the Arctic.
We arrived at Kroka Basecamp in Marlow, NH on January 17th.
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