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My website began as a complete copy of Tim Visée's site, but that changed long ago as I added my own content.


The majority of the content is formatted in Markdown, located in the ./content directory. It includes theme as well (zenn) for the visuals, by Tim Visée.

This website is built with Zola, a static website generator. See its documentation for more information on how this project is structured.

Any pull requests for changes on the website are welcome.


To run a local instance of this website, be sure to install zola first. Then run:

# Clone the repository
git clone

# Change base_url in config.toml

# Build and serve a local instance
zola serve --open

# Open:
# Edit files in ./content, view live changes your browser

# Build and deploy
zola build

# serve static files in public directory to web


This project is released under the GNU AGPL-3.0 license. Check out the LICENSE file for more information.