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<h1>what i'm doing now</h1>
<p>i'm enjoying the winter holidays with my family, but i'm still as busy as ever.
<p>i'm awaiting my final grades of highschool - my semester has ended, and i have graduated! i'm working college applications. i'm preparing for a <a href="">kroka</a> semester for which i'll leave in january.</p>
<p>i started a few cool things online, most recently a pleroma instance called <a href="">the owl perch</a>.</p>
<p>i'm trying to change my last name to benson. we'll see how it goes.</p>
<p>i'm feeling pretty swamped still, but things are starting to calm down. i'm happy to have a wonderful network of friends and support people :)</p>
<p>updated dec 23rd, 2021</p>
<p>i have graduated and applied to colleges! i&#39;m gone on a <a href="">kroka</a> semester. i&#39;ll be away from the internet from then until june 11th, but check my blog to see if i&#39;ve written you any snail mail!</p>
<p>when i return, i&#39;ll be leaving home for good and getting ready for my freshman semester of college. my life is changing fast, and i&#39;m trying my best to hold on.</p>
<p>last updated jan 16th, 2022</p>
<p><a href="">about now pages.</a></p>
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