HtmGem is Php program whose goal is to make Gemini files reachable through HTTP. It can be used on a shared host.
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# HtmGem
=> docs/installation-fr.gmi Installation de HtmGem, en français
HtmGem rend vos pages **Gemini** accessibles sur le web. Il fonctionne aussi en hébergement mutualisé.
=> docs/tutogemtext-fr.gmi Tutoriel GemText
=> docs/installation-en.gmi HtmGem installation, in English
HtmGem makes your **Gemini** pages reachable on the web. It can be used on a shared host.
=> docs/tutogemtext-en.gmi GemText tutorial
=> docs/index.gmi **Developers' documentation**
The documentation (in English) for the developers's stands here. Please read them carefully before doing anything on the source code.