HtmGem is Php program whose goal is to make Gemini files reachable through HTTP. It can be used on a shared host.
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* manage url encoding: The filename fetched on disk may differ from that was asked by URL.
* check /etc/passwd not accessible: Perform sanity checks against unauthorized access.
* manage 404: Display better errors.
* alt texts on pre and quote?
* a way to get the source of a page, using urlrewriting
* options to activate the text decoration
* HTML caching: Nginx tries the html, if not found use this script to build it
* any error on one read line logs and goes to the next line, resetting modes
* configuration: Fetch configuration in current dir, tries parents.
* css: file location or in-place or in config?
* Use first h1 as the HTML page title on get in config?
* On links indicate whether it's on Gemini or Www or image.
* Command line API for script and testing.
* Manage anchors
* Page menu on upper and lower sides: [parent dir] [root dir] [inline images] [raw response] [view cert]
* Check unicode capability
* Manage different type of carriage return: CR CR/LF LF
* Do not output an empty line for the last carriage return of the document
* Test on a shared hosting
* Be able to navigate (custom the links) when using htmgen.php?url=…
* Text localisation
* Search all cases where a narrow no-break space would apply
* Manage logging (cache refresh, debug)
* Split the main loop in two: one part to decode the text to internal language, the other to make the HTML
* Something to build gmi files and connect it afterwards to generate HTML : Abstract --> gemtext --> HTML. This would allow to make services output on both Gemini and HTML.