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This is the set of code and utilities for running and managing the server.

What is

  • is one unmodified unix server on the Internet
    • Several hundred people have accounts
    • It was launched at the end of September 2014
  • Tilde.Club is also an emerging, mutually supportive community of dozens hundreds thousands of people launching similar servers.
    • These people enjoy working in the tool-rich, very social Unix programming environment.
    • Many of these people want to help new users use these open, free tools to empower themselves.
      • Even new users who are scared of command-lines.
      • Especially new users who want to learn but don't like being laughed at.
      • We won't laugh at you because we know how hard it is to learn about technology.
      • If this is confusing we will try to help.
  • Here is the story of how started. Basically, one person had a few too many drinks and launched a cheap computer in the cloud. Github user @ftrain is the initiator and de-facto coordinator until he burns out.
  • Here is the FAQ which is being developed here at this GitHub repository.
  • No particular entity controls It's emerging as sort of an open, basically free mini-Internet for people who need some refuge from the regular Internet. It was founded with the rule, "no drama," a rule directly inspired by the Mary J. Blige song "No More Drama." So far there's only been a little drama. It's only been three weeks, though. If we're honest with ourselves there is going to be drama.

It's all moving very fast.

Help Wanted is moving very quickly and is 100% volunteer led.

1. optimal: pull requests and bug reports

  • There is a lot of great work going on around config, FAQ, basic docs.
  • Jump in if you want. Literally everyone here said "I am ready to help, what can I do."
  • We need non-coders (writers, editors, communicators, artists, project managers) as much as we need tech folks.
  • Most of the coding work is done for us by the Unix operating system. We're celebrating that.
  • A lot of the basic docs are in the wiki which you (yes, you) can edit.

2. suboptimal: open ended feature requests and broad discussion

  • We love philosophy, just not in our issue tracker!