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# about
compudanzas is a research project exploring alternative modes of learning and creating computation.
en español: {acerca}
we reimagine computing and its implications.
we attempt to transition from a logic of productivity and efficiency, and circuits that destroy life, to dances, rituals, and other types of seemingly useless computers!
we move calmly, patiently, and with curiosity.
we identify with the ideas of {permacomputing} and computing within limits.
=> ./img/foto_laconsagracion_playa.jpg photo of the rite of computing: there is a wiggly row of shapes in the floor, each of them composed of small blocks of wood. a person is crouching, building one of these shapes. other two people are watching, sitting in the floor. there are some cardboard shapes with symbols, also in the floor.
# mission
we enlarge to a human-scale and slow down to a human-speed the processes that give rise to what is understood as computing.
through our experiments we ask: what happens when computers are dances, rituals, games, instead of closed electronic boxes with a high environmental and social cost?
to what extent can we reappropriate these logics to inspire other ways of being in the world?
what can be the role of non-electronic, very slow, human-scale, and seemingly useless computers, in a world that seems to be in {collapse}?
are they alternative and empowering didactic materials? {performances}? puzzles? passtimes? magic tricks? marvelous pursuits?
we see the project existing in these three dimensions:
* pedagogic: can we guide others to learn in a critical and embodied way about the fundamentals of computers and digital technologies?
* performative: can we play with and inspire through explorations of emerging complexity?
* speculative: can we use this practice to imagine alternative present-futures? (see {txiemonks})
=> ./img/foto_laconsagracion_04.jpg photo of pieces of wood in the floor, with some hands manipulating them
# research
{las danzas} is our main line of exploration.
we also design and develop {coloring computers}.
we love to share with others:
=> ./talks_and_workshops.gmi {talks and workshops}
=> ./tutorials.gmi {tutorials}
whenever we write software, we try to do it at a {low-level}.
and we tend to write some {poetry} related to these interests.
see the {log} for updates in the project.
see the {roadmap} for updates that want to happen.
we are a billingual project; for the moment some texts are in spanish and some others in english only.
=> ./references.gmi {references}
# support
{support} us and help us achieve the goal of having this dream project as our main activity
=> support compudanzas on patreon
=> https://ko-fi-com/compudanzas support compudanzas on ko-fi
# meta
this {wiki} is always under construction.
it exists in the web and in the {gemini} protocol:
=> compudanzas (web)
=> gemini:// compudanzas (gemini)
visit the index of all {pages} in the site.
# contact
=> ./contact.gmi {contact}