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# biosejo
a chronological account of {sejo}'s life and research.
posts are listed below in reverse chronological order (most recent first.)
# 12022
## Closure(s) and not
A post about some recent events, closures, new beginnings, and other reflections.
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## Packing and unpacking
Moving things around and deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, internally and externally.
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## On systems, dreams and practice
Updates regarding systems I'm using, dreams that are coming back, and insights on daily practice.
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## Here we go: Intro, research and notes
In which I introduce {biosejo} and talk about my plans regarding research, note-taking, and movement.
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# subscribe
you can get the posts by subscribing to the following artisanal atom feed:
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additionally, updates here are replicated in the {log} and its multiple feeds.