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# change-a-bit
a computer controlled by a string of bricks/bits and the cumulative actions of the participants.
=> ./img/foto_change-a-bit_01.png photo of the installation: a row of nine bricks in the floor, all except two of them standing up. in the wall there's a projection of a monochromatic grid composed of different types of squares.
=> change-a-bit demo video (mp4, ~10MB)
presented in the itp winter show 2017.
# interaction
each brick/bit has two possible states: high or low.
the string of bricks/bits encodes an instruction for the computer: the cell in the screen that will be modified, and the visual pattern that will be assigned to it.
=> ./img/foto_change-a-bit_03.png photo of the installation with a person interacting: they are close to the floor, moving a brick, and observing the screen.
# about
this project comes from when we started fully researching ways of making computing tangible and evident in its {low-level} workings.
although the original idea of the project was about showing these workings without using electronics, the process led us to implement in (electronics-based) software the screen and the computer vision algorithm to detect the bricks using a depth camera.
the physicality stayed: we loved the experience of having other people and us interact with this computer via rough and found bricks, close to the floor.
=> ./img/foto_change-a-bit_02.png photo of the row of bricks, with a hand moving one of them.