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# contact
lang=en es->{contacto}
let's connect!
# e-mail
our e-mail address: compudanzas at posteo dot net
# media
we host our videos on, a peertube instance:
=> compudanzas - spectra
our books: {introduction to uxn programming book} and {introducción a programación uxn} and other downloadables like {jarotsim} and {norpet} can be found in our page:
=> compudanzas -
# social media
we are in the fediverse / mastodon:
=> @compudanzas in
and in the ssb network, thanks to {la sala}:
=> compudanzas en la sala
we might be present in commercial social networks as well :)
# updates
see the {log} for non-interactive ways of following our updates.
# sejo
in some contexts you can also find me as {sejo}.