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# introduction to uxn programming book
lang=en es->{introducción a programación uxn}
introduction to uxn programming is a beginner's, slow-paced and comprehensive guide of the uxntal programming language and the varvara computer.
=> ./img/foto_intro-to-uxn-programming.png photo of an ebook reader showing an illustration and metadata of the book
=> ./img/foto_intro-to-uxn-programming_2.png photo of an ebook reader showing the introduction of the book
originally available online as the {uxn tutorial}, this is a carefully revised version for you to have it offline and available anytime.
# download
=> get introduction to uxn programming
+ <iframe src="" width="552" height="167" frameborder="0"><a href="">introduction to uxn programming by compudanzas</a></iframe>
the most updated version of the e-book is: 1.0.3
you can also get the spanish version: {introducción a programación uxn}
# more info
written and illustrated by {sejo}, with a foreword by Devine Lu Linvega
=> Devine Lu Linvega
the bundle contains an ebook in EPUB and GEMPUB formats crafted with our own {awk}-based tools, and an automatically converted ebook in MOBI format.
by buying the book, you help to {support} compudanzas and our projects!