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# performances
(some) public appearances of the project on some sort of stage.
see also {talks and workshops}
# past
## 12022
{alive computing dance} on Algorave 10th birthday live stream
sunday march 20, 12022
10:20 to 10:30 UTC -6
this was our first performance using the {qiudanz technique}.
## 12019
{la consagración de la computadora} was presented in two different events that year:
### june 21,22
=> itp residents show 2019, collab, brooklyn, ny
=> ./img/foto_laconsagracion_04.jpg photo of pieces of wood in the floor, with some hands manipulating them
### april 14
=> world premiere, mayday space, brooklyn, ny
=> ./img/foto_laconsagracion-riley-9.jpg photo of a person with a symbol of cardboard in the face, while looking at pieces of wood in the floor
# installations
## 12017
{change-a-bit}, an interactive installation