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# publications
works on physical or digital paper.
see also our {poetry} and our {proposals}.
# introduction to uxn programming
{introduction to uxn programming book}: a beginner's, slow-paced and comprehensive guide of the uxntal programming language and the varvara computer.
=> ./img/foto_intro-to-uxn-programming.png photo of an ebook reader showing an illustration and metadata of the book
=> ./img/foto_intro-to-uxn-programming_2.png photo of an ebook reader showing the introduction of the book
=> get introduction to uxn programming
# introducción a programación uxn
{introducción a programación uxn}: una guía para principiantes, lenta y comprensiva, del lenguaje de programación uxntal y del ordenador varvara.
=> obtén introducción a programación uxn
# coloring computers
{coloring computers}: non-electronic computers that work when you color them according to a simple set of rules.
=> ./img/foto_coloring-computers_cover-lee.png photo of the cover of the zine, colored
=> ./img/foto_coloring-computers_7seg-lee.png photo of a pair of colored pages of the zine, with a 7 segment display showing the digits 2 and 3
=> ./img/foto_coloring-computers_pcd2019.png photo of a pair of colored pages of the zine, showing a digital circuit answering if two colors are the same