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# roadmap
the things that want to happen; some of them {now} in progress.
# dance
continue developing, practicing and sharing the {qiudanz technique}
# non-electronic computers
## tangible computing
* learn to program turing machines to perform manually like in {d-turing}
* learn and practice lambda calculus
## coloring computers
implement the following concepts as {coloring computers}:
=> Factoring Via Graph Three Colouring
## and more
* explore more non-electronic computers examples from the {references}
* develop a {computadora de papel} simulator?
* paper cards-based uxn implementation?
* uxn {verilog} implementation?
# uxn
* update instructions for running uxnemu on {uxn tutorial day 1}
## traducción:
* agrega las indicaciones sobre el uso de screen/auto en {uxn tutorial day 6}
# wiki
## generator
* `pre` tag for inline code in html?
## content
create and add the following pages and resources:
* page: tabletop paper computers in 8x8 grids / {beans computing}
* page: 5!, or factorial dance, via {qiudanz technique} transformations
* page: poñg
* page: manifestos (e.g. human powered computation machines, abstracts)
* page: postcards computer
* page(s) : desfases?
* systematize classification in the {logiteca}?