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# sejo
instigator of compudanzas / persona instigadora de compudanzas.
# about
queer nerd researching playful movement and computing; flowing with curiosity and patience.
i'm interested in exploring and sharing digital technologies and related knowledge that have the aim of being empowering, benign and joyful.
for me, that usually implies experimenting and learning with simple tech, low-tech, and/or already-existing tech: i identify with the values of {permacomputing}.
for many applications i prefer paper over screens.
i enjoy {running}, cycling, skating and walking outdoors, as well as cooking and eating plant-based food (see {recetas}.)
i am usually amazed by emergent complexity in its different expressions on life and the universe.
# contact
## e-mail
sejo at posteo dot net
=> ./llave_sejo.asc [pgp key]
## xmpp
sejo at
omemo keys:
E4CE63D9 8E9EAE14 A093A816 C3209FBD 25E14249 57D411A8 CD46D84C F2EEC674
C11AC5C8 42043BDF 2AE0B3C1 666EE6C5 10C13FB2 7F40B74C 9EA0DC87 E8F97606
# social media
## fediverse
=> @sejo at
=> @sejo at
## ssb
via {la sala}:
=> sejo
## other
i might be present in commercial social networks in order to connect with people that haven't done their leap yet :)