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# support
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support and enable the work of compudanzas!
=> ./img/foto_laconsagracion_04.jpg photo of pieces of wood in the floor, with some hands manipulating them
compudanzas as the practice of making computation tangible in dance and paper has been a dream project for many years now.
for it to happen, we need your financial support!
# donations
you can become a patron in patreon, liberapay, or ko-fi to help us make this possible!
=> support compudanzas on patreon
=> compudanzas on Liberapay
=> compudanzas on ko-fi
+ <a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Become a Patron!" src="./img/boton-patreon.png" height='30'/></a>
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# media
alternatively, you can get the {introduction to uxn programming book}, {jarotsim}, or {norpet}, all of these in our page!
=> compudanzas -
thank you very much!
=> ./sejo.gmi {sejo}