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# talks and workshops
public appearances of the project.
see also {performances}
# past
## 12021
### slomoco
our microresidency concluded with the following talk:
{qiudanz technique} microresidency talk @ SloMoCo fall gathering
friday, december 3rd, 12021, at 2pm UTC-5 (EST)
=> SloMoCo Fall Gathering registration
=> SloMoCo - Fall Phase Timetable
we organized some {qiudanz workshops} to test, learn and practice our activities!
### intro to uxn
{intro to uxn programming} in babycastles academy - online!
sunday, november 21, 12021, at 3pm UTC-5 (EST)
=> Video recording: Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn (yt)
=> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:538f0f7b6cd8a5e5a38dbe1a638ac96aad18701c&dn=Babycastles%20Academy%3A%20Intro%20to%20Uxn%20360p.mp4& Video recording: Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn (magnet link)
event info:
=> Babycastles Academy: Intro to Uxn Programming
### cuna
workshop: {taller de compudanzas} in cuna school
=> compudanzas - cuna
### pcd quito
compudanzas talk and {coloring computers} workshop in processing community day quito, june 19th.
=> slideshow: hablemos de compudanzas
=> coloring computers pack archive
video recordings of the event in fb:
=> hablemos de compudanzas talk at 45'
=> coloring computers workshop from the beginning
=> pcd quito 2021
## 12019
### pcd nyc
{coloring computers} workshop in the processing community day nyc
=> processing community day nyc 2019