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# txiemonks
a group of people commited to preserve computer science as a potential way of knowing and understanding emergent complexity in the universe.
they are proficient in the {qiudanz technique} and use it to create folk and post-collapse dances. these dances are nomad-friendly because they don't need material props, and can be performed by small groups of people.
whenever many of them gather, they dance performing and becoming elementary cellular automata, {reglas de wolfram}.
in very specific cases, they might assemble temporary human-powered logic circuits, {danzas compuertas}
if they settle down for a while and they have access to some materials, they love to perform computation by hand:
* emulating turing machines, {d-turing}
* developing {beans computing}
* drawing and playing with {coloring computers}
at some point in time they knew how to handle, design and repair electronic computers. but eventually of all them broke down.