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# proposals
an (incomplete) archive of statements, applications, proposals related to compudanzas.
see also our {publications}, and for less formal (?) texts, see {poetry}
# 12021
proposal for developing the {qiudanz technique} in slomoco:
=> ./slomoco_application.gmi {slomoco application}
unfinished: {turing dance recipe application}
# 12020
a proposal for a compudanzas workshop
=> ./taller_de_compudanzas.gmi {taller de compudanzas}
a proposal for an electric computer with human-powered logic, in spanish
=> ./propuesta_poñg.gmi {propuesta poñg}
# 12019
an abstract for a practice work / performance in the movement and computing conference, in english
=> ./dancing_a_universal_turing_machine.gmi {dancing a universal turing machine}
# 12015
applying for a masters degree, speaking about computing and dance, in english:
=> ./personal_statement_itp.gmi {personal statement itp}
the beginnings: a proposal for a choreography structured as a microprocessor, in spanish
=> ./propuesta_el_computador.gmi {propuesta el computador}