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sloum 38e7ccea52 Adds license info and copyright statement to each source file 2 months ago
R. Aidan Campbell 070f7eb6ba
extract logic for reading maxwidth config into a function: now safely handles fallbacks for missing or malformed configuration 10 months ago
R. Aidan Campbell 984fb4eb2f
max width for softwraping now configured via maxwidth configuration item: default or invalid value falls back to previous 100 column 10 months ago
sloum d747249069 Adds UP hot key 2 years ago
sloum 7d722d7dfa Adds a jump command to allow for navigating by history location as an alternate to a tabbed workflow 2 years ago
sloum ee56961b20 Fixes a regression where searches did not clear out previous search highlights 2 years ago
sloum 1ae3312ad6 Handles the case where no version information is available 2 years ago
sloum 228ec598ab Adds version command 2 years ago
sloum 4f166ca61a Adds a prefix string to help output 2 years ago
sloum 89095351a8 Fixes help to take an optional action as a value to get syntax for a given command 2 years ago
asdf 7dc68a18bf Corrected several issues identified during review 2 years ago
asdf 86ba01b1d9 Updated branch, reduced to implementing improved error messages 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 01d071e510 Adds spacing to gemini docs to normalize the formatting with gopher docs 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV d7a65e6679 Allows for relative redirects 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 21e87706aa Removes gemini client certificate support from Bombadillo 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 185c62f272 Adds timeout config option 2 years ago
asdf d2c8af2a08 Page content now renders to the entire terminal width 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 3ffd878ad6 Working help requests! 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 4a297490c1 Adds better error messaging for commands and starts the help documentation 2 years ago
sloum 0227523487 Adds query escaping 3 years ago
sloum f47f6597f4 Adds in the correct variable when checking for existing querystring value 3 years ago
sloum c9d634499b Alternative way of rendering when bookmarks are not open 3 years ago
sloum 0d8b3e015b Fixes querystring chaining issue 3 years ago
Hannu Hartikainen e3e2afc4fc Replace calls to `stty` with syscalls 3 years ago
sloum 0257ca92b1 Adds clarification to man page and removes old comment 3 years ago
sloum b9057508d9 Reworks how relative URLs are handled for gemini 3 years ago
sloum b23b9b3121 Fixes the workflow for allowing alt text and handling preformatted blocks 3 years ago
sloum a23e0026fa Adds command aliasing to vim keys for forward and back 3 years ago
sloum c58b40def2 Removes goroutines in search that were causing input issues on gemini cgi scripts 3 years ago
sloum 9af1a4d642 Adds quick-link navigation by number keys 3 years ago
sloum 996e209c50 Leaves a note re: improving render speeds 3 years ago
sloum c9765bf0fa Adds lo-fi image rendering to Bombadillo 3 years ago
sloumdrone ef36895c5d Removes dead code 3 years ago
sloumdrone 10f28027dc Working search 3 years ago
sloumdrone 9e7ac3c866 Finally solved infuriating rendering issue 3 years ago
sloumdrone f68996decf Beginnings of text search... semi-working 3 years ago
sloumdrone 021678d9da Adds support for a new color theme mode 3 years ago
sloumdrone 275f7928ea Fixes logic to not be based on length, but on position 3 years ago
sloumdrone 2c9c00ab8d Makes the first history position reloadable 3 years ago
sloumdrone fde463be0f Removes unnecessary variable from exit routine 3 years ago
sloumdrone 6f0be3b4e4 Adds visible error handling for bad exits and improves exit code use 3 years ago
asdf 67293823e0 Change c.Visit(u) call to blocking, from goroutine 3 years ago
asdf ebd33c6dbd Remove unused functions getCurrentPageRawData & getCurrentPageUrl 3 years ago
Brian Evans 26c4b176c0 Updates the set command to disallow configlocation and updates associated man apge entry 3 years ago
Brian Evans 3ee7bd9c7b Makes local protocol navigable 3 years ago
asdf 9d29acc8e8 Review of webmode, corrections to error messages and comments 3 years ago
sloumdrone 28c2d6b277 Diversifies the web rendering backends and removes confusing configuration options 3 years ago
Brian Evans 0b63b85a1a HOT FIX: Solves issue where input bar disappears on empty search input 3 years ago
sloumdrone 4ae093d3e3 Adds in missing calls to draw the message 3 years ago
sloumdrone 6d9ae540e3 Responds to GoMetaLinter for more of the codebase. 3 years ago