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sloum 38e7ccea52 Adds license info and copyright statement to each source file 2 months ago
R. Aidan Campbell 984fb4eb2f
max width for softwraping now configured via maxwidth configuration item: default or invalid value falls back to previous 100 column 10 months ago
sloum 328d16a191 Removes additional cert references and improves error messaging 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 185c62f272 Adds timeout config option 2 years ago
sloum b23b9b3121 Fixes the workflow for allowing alt text and handling preformatted blocks 3 years ago
sloum cd1be92d34 Changing default to true 3 years ago
sloum c9765bf0fa Adds lo-fi image rendering to Bombadillo 3 years ago
sloumdrone 021678d9da Adds support for a new color theme mode 3 years ago
sloumdrone d5ff5694d4 Adds an option to set a default scheme 3 years ago
sloumdrone 217b069172 Moves folder creation and error handling to loadConfig 3 years ago
sloumdrone 2900702313 Updates the XDG path creation to create needed dirs and panic on failure 3 years ago
asdf 9d29acc8e8 Review of webmode, corrections to error messages and comments 3 years ago
sloumdrone 28c2d6b277 Diversifies the web rendering backends and removes confusing configuration options 3 years ago
asdf 0239fdceba Add xdg config home functionality, documentation 3 years ago
sloumdrone e4f7147e4f Ran format on each file 3 years ago
sloumdrone 552e211139 Adds web support in lynx mode 3 years ago
Brian Evans 32e769c9da Moves custom config path into defaults.go from makefile 3 years ago
sloumdrone 59aa8a1ef2 Removes old files, updates default homepage, and more makefile stuff 3 years ago
sloumdrone df793c78f2 Adds basic functioning client cert, but always sends. Would prefer to only send on ask. 3 years ago
sloumdrone 2f14011a48 Adds temporary ability to not add invalid value for theme. Also adds a temporary first draft of a manpage for bombadillo. 3 years ago
sloumdrone 1050b858dd Finished working through file saving for gopher and gemini, and added mailcap functionality to gemini 3 years ago
sloumdrone db1cf75d2e Cleans up some display issues 3 years ago
sloumdrone f2f730f3c5 Vast improvements, still squashing bugs like crazy. 3 years ago