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sloum 38e7ccea52 Adds license info and copyright statement to each source file 2 months ago
sloum a3cb016449 Brings gopher link numbering style inline with the other protocols 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 185c62f272 Adds timeout config option 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 80bdbb642d Adds timeout to tls for gemini and increases gopher timeout 2 years ago
sloum 53cbb9dd02 Improves upon previoius fixes to gophermap parsing 3 years ago
sloum 8444784221 Fixes bug that causes crash on broken gophermaps 3 years ago
sloumdrone e4f7147e4f Ran format on each file 3 years ago
sloumdrone 5114ac1a15 Updates gophermap rendering to support gemini urls as h URL:... style links 3 years ago
sloumdrone cb3bcc9465 Relicenses bobmadillo 3 years ago
sloumdrone bccca61ec2 Some level of screen draw now works 3 years ago
sloumdrone b7d7d021ed Begun work on gopher module 3 years ago
sloumdrone 84631a38da Adds telnet and http modules, updates visit method on client 3 years ago
sloumdrone da45f627e0 Initial v2 commit, deep in restructuring... maybe not for the better? 3 years ago
sloumdrone bfa8a162e3 Simplified gophertype fix for search response 3 years ago
sloumdrone 2e964cc586 Fixes issue where type 7 response still queries for search. 3 years ago
sloumdrone 55d163ce5b Ran go fmt to clean up formating issues 4 years ago
sloumdrone 714b390cb9 Simplifying regex for URLs 4 years ago
sloumdrone 9a25ad6c51 Solved issue where not starting a resource with a slash caused odd behavior 4 years ago
Justin Overfelt ee0f2e3e9b change openBrowser to use conditional compilation rather than a runtime switch 4 years ago
Justin Overfelt 6ea5754e57 improve error handling 4 years ago
Justin Overfelt 701753b890 Gofmt all code, switch to canonical function naming, add a go.mod file for use with the latest go version 4 years ago
sloumdrone 3a173d89e0 Minor change to gophermap rendering to get rid of terminal period from server 4 years ago
sloumdrone 36f94158f6 Opening html files in browser now works as expected with url resources 4 years ago
sloumdrone 26f80dafbc Updated notes, added auto-download for binary files, and added comments 4 years ago
sloumdrone 44f6c461d5 Updated todo and removed terminal dot from gophermaps 4 years ago
sloumdrone 80ab652448 Apparently added a ridiculous mess since last commit 4 years ago
sloumdrone a28fc00550 Functional browser added notes 4 years ago
sloumdrone 0398caf9e3 Initial commit of gopher library and surrounding structure 4 years ago