76 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
sloum f18dc293fd Removes previous version build system in favor of simple variable 6 months ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 21e87706aa Removes gemini client certificate support from Bombadillo 11 months ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 185c62f272 Adds timeout config option 11 months ago
sloum 9f1eb632bc Adds geminiblocks to the man page 1 year ago
sloum b23b9b3121 Fixes the workflow for allowing alt text and handling preformatted blocks 1 year ago
sloum cb151f75aa Handles cert expirations silently 1 year ago
sloum c9765bf0fa Adds lo-fi image rendering to Bombadillo 1 year ago
asdf 4bb0c84c56 Amended man page and usage details synopsis 1 year ago
sloumdrone 4182619a78 Adds flag for displaying title and adds documentation 1 year ago
sloumdrone 9ae6c37707 Removes dead code 1 year ago
sloumdrone 021678d9da Adds support for a new color theme mode 1 year ago
sloumdrone d5ff5694d4 Adds an option to set a default scheme 1 year ago
asdf 817affcf14 Amended error message wording 1 year ago
sloumdrone fde463be0f Removes unnecessary variable from exit routine 1 year ago
sloumdrone 8b004df1d5 Better specific errors on bootup 1 year ago
sloumdrone 6f0be3b4e4 Adds visible error handling for bad exits and improves exit code use 1 year ago
asdf 637c23d4cc os.MkallDir now just makes directories 1 year ago
sloumdrone 217b069172 Moves folder creation and error handling to loadConfig 1 year ago
sloumdrone aa46cc2600 Removed unneeded settings 2 years ago
sloumdrone e4324c6863 Changes references to client to browser in manpage and readme 2 years ago
sloumdrone 28c2d6b277 Diversifies the web rendering backends and removes confusing configuration options 2 years ago
sloumdrone 6d9ae540e3 Responds to GoMetaLinter for more of the codebase. 2 years ago
sloumdrone f5c5dcd736 Handles a number of linter errors 2 years ago
sloumdrone 9c2caf4a6f Updates man page 2 years ago
asdf be4741895e Found and addressed some possible path issues 2 years ago
asdf e32ba04a1a Missed the for loop...plus some documentation 2 years ago
asdf a393b00ad1 Handle more signals without breaking terminal 2 years ago
asdf 3f0bf1ec41 Unified wording for -v option 2 years ago
asdf 5b1f8984b7 Unified wording, updated man page 2 years ago
asdf 2c6a0a85ee Added printHelp, provide more info on -h and -v 2 years ago
sloumdrone 231ccc36d3 Ran go fmt on a few files 2 years ago
sloumdrone 552e211139 Adds web support in lynx mode 2 years ago
asdf 1bc6e75ada Unified wording for -v option 2 years ago
asdf 17b1e6eff2 Unified wording, updated man page 2 years ago
asdf 95837e108a Added printHelp, provide more info on -h and -v 2 years ago
Brian Evans 32e769c9da Moves custom config path into defaults.go from makefile 2 years ago
sloumdrone 6609cca70e Removed a v from the sprintf for version output. 2 years ago
sloumdrone 3e6c61dcdc Remaps help to the user guide at bombadillo.colorfield.space 2 years ago
Brian Evans 7ed2b46b32 First go at a makefile, woo-hoo! 2 years ago
asdf 6faf4e5205 fixes screen display properly, better start location 2 years ago
asdf 86485154c9 Inital try at handling SIGCONT 2 years ago
sloumdrone df793c78f2 Adds basic functioning client cert, but always sends. Would prefer to only send on ask. 2 years ago
sloumdrone bef32b7ff5 Adds basic tofu certificate pinning 2 years ago
sloumdrone df2a7fbd05 Adds validation to setting and loading configuration options. 2 years ago
sloumdrone 74473ff309 Returns license to gpl3 2 years ago
sloumdrone 2f14011a48 Adds temporary ability to not add invalid value for theme. Also adds a temporary first draft of a manpage for bombadillo. 2 years ago
sloumdrone 1050b858dd Finished working through file saving for gopher and gemini, and added mailcap functionality to gemini 2 years ago
sloumdrone db1cf75d2e Cleans up some display issues 2 years ago
sloumdrone 19f210f243 Renames a cui function to be more appropriate and adds command line flag for version number 2 years ago
sloumdrone fdaf6312ab Adds a terminal mode change to disallow line wrapping by the terminal, also fixes a resize scroll issue and disallows escape characters in text files 2 years ago