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sloum 38e7ccea52 Adds license info and copyright statement to each source file 2 months ago
R. Aidan Campbell 1bef2e51a1
when wrapping, omit leading whitespace created if the wrap occurs at a space char 10 months ago
R. Aidan Campbell 070f7eb6ba
extract logic for reading maxwidth config into a function: now safely handles fallbacks for missing or malformed configuration 10 months ago
R. Aidan Campbell dac13e1669
soft wrap between words 10 months ago
R. Aidan Campbell 984fb4eb2f
max width for softwraping now configured via maxwidth configuration item: default or invalid value falls back to previous 100 column 10 months ago
asdf 388218a5b6 Initial support for some unicode line endings 2 years ago
sloum 2270dee513 Uses asdf's suggestion to reduce HasPrefix overhead by setting the spacer at the beginning of the document wrap code 2 years ago
Sloom Sloum Sluom IV 01d071e510 Adds spacing to gemini docs to normalize the formatting with gopher docs 2 years ago
asdf 980f236d84 Corrects wrapped lines to ensure they fit the required terminal width 2 years ago
sloum 909131cda8 Lets images be full width 3 years ago
sloum 322002ba66 Adds a max width of 100, anything more gets weird to read. Also adds a slight optimization. 3 years ago
sloum 7edf01eb99 Adds a color property to the page struct to track the color mode 3 years ago
sloum cda502fbb8 Adds a WrapWidth param to the page struct so that pages.go does not have to rewrap on every render. 3 years ago
sloum c9765bf0fa Adds lo-fi image rendering to Bombadillo 3 years ago
sloumdrone 77fe67525e Fixing go 1.11 compatibility issue in strings lib w replaceAll vs replace 3 years ago
sloumdrone 71e21543f0 Fixes line wrapping to 80 columns rather than 79 3 years ago
sloumdrone 10f28027dc Working search 3 years ago
sloumdrone 9e7ac3c866 Finally solved infuriating rendering issue 3 years ago
sloumdrone f68996decf Beginnings of text search... semi-working 3 years ago
sloumdrone f3f406260e Updates escape code handling to be safer plus renders literally in local scheme 3 years ago
sloumdrone 021678d9da Adds support for a new color theme mode 3 years ago
sloumdrone c948be18dc Adds better formatting/options for local protocol directory listings 3 years ago
sloumdrone 6d9ae540e3 Responds to GoMetaLinter for more of the codebase. 3 years ago
sloumdrone f5c5dcd736 Handles a number of linter errors 3 years ago
sloumdrone e4f7147e4f Ran format on each file 3 years ago
sloumdrone 65101563d9 Removes ascii escape codes from remote content 3 years ago
sloumdrone fdaf6312ab Adds a terminal mode change to disallow line wrapping by the terminal, also fixes a resize scroll issue and disallows escape characters in text files 3 years ago
sloumdrone f2f730f3c5 Vast improvements, still squashing bugs like crazy. 3 years ago
sloumdrone 98e34576ca Worked out resizing and wrapping bugs. Now hard wraps, rather than soft. 3 years ago
sloumdrone bccca61ec2 Some level of screen draw now works 3 years ago
sloumdrone 84631a38da Adds telnet and http modules, updates visit method on client 3 years ago
sloumdrone da45f627e0 Initial v2 commit, deep in restructuring... maybe not for the better? 3 years ago