35 Commits (2.3.1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
sloum 0257ca92b1 Adds clarification to man page and removes old comment 1 year ago
sloum 9f1eb632bc Adds geminiblocks to the man page 1 year ago
sloum a23e0026fa Adds command aliasing to vim keys for forward and back 1 year ago
sloum bfb6b85844 Updates man page with quick link information 1 year ago
sloumdrone daacae276c Adds man page documentation for search 2 years ago
asdf 4bb0c84c56 Amended man page and usage details synopsis 2 years ago
sloumdrone 4182619a78 Adds flag for displaying title and adds documentation 2 years ago
sloumdrone 982fba3019 Updates man page 2 years ago
sloumdrone 021678d9da Adds support for a new color theme mode 2 years ago
sloumdrone d5ff5694d4 Adds an option to set a default scheme 2 years ago
asdf c756912388 Small man page corrections as per #110 2 years ago
asdf 16d6b8e243 Man page final review 2 years ago
Brian Evans 26c4b176c0 Updates the set command to disallow configlocation and updates associated man apge entry 2 years ago
asdf 33a8c51de1 Further changes to the man page for webmode 2 years ago
Brian Evans 24fd98fa9b Added manpage updates as well as an update to using the gui for opening web content 2 years ago
sloumdrone e4324c6863 Changes references to client to browser in manpage and readme 2 years ago
asdf 002516bcd2 Final review of man page 2 years ago
asdf 0239fdceba Add xdg config home functionality, documentation 2 years ago
asdf ecef63f099 Use word directory instead of folder, correct savepath info 2 years ago
sloumdrone ba9a016dfd Removes the WRITE AS command and updates the man page to reflect the change 2 years ago
sloumdrone 9c2caf4a6f Updates man page 2 years ago
asdf 9d77c3cea0 Removed empty line at end of man page 2 years ago
asdf ceeaa2d0f0 Spelling/syntax errors, suggested rewrite of web section 2 years ago
sloumdrone e5c0bd7443 Updated man page 2 years ago
asdf 5b1f8984b7 Unified wording, updated man page 2 years ago
sloumdrone 552e211139 Adds web support in lynx mode 2 years ago
asdf 17b1e6eff2 Unified wording, updated man page 2 years ago
sloumdrone cc27c82703 HOT FIX: Removes defaults from man file since they can be set at compile time. Users should use CHECK to see settings. 2 years ago
Brian Evans 0fc0dddb97 Adds some a bit about config location being variable 2 years ago
sloumdrone e44666cd05 Updates man file 2 years ago
sloumdrone 2f14011a48 Adds temporary ability to not add invalid value for theme. Also adds a temporary first draft of a manpage for bombadillo. 2 years ago