Bombabillo is a non-web client for the terminal, supporting Gopher, Gemini and much more.
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package main
// ERRS maps commands to their syntax error message
var ERRS = map[string]string{
"A": "`a [target] [name...]`",
"ADD": "`add [target] [name...]`",
"D": "`d [bookmark-id]`",
"DELETE": "`delete [bookmark-id]`",
"B": "`b [[bookmark-id]]`",
"BOOKMARKS": "`bookmarks [[bookmark-id]]`",
"C": "`c [link_id]` or `c [setting]`",
"CHECK": "`check [link_id]` or `check [setting]`",
"H": "`h`",
"HOME": "`home`",
"J": "`j [[history_position]]`",
"JUMP": "`jump [[history_position]]`",
"P": "`p [host]`",
"PURGE": "`purge [host]`",
"Q": "`q`",
"QUIT": "`quit`",
"R": "`r`",
"RELOAD": "`reload`",
"SEARCH": "`search [[keyword(s)...]]`",
"S": "`s [setting] [value]`",
"SET": "`set [setting] [value]`",
"W": "`w [target]`",
"WRITE": "`write [target]`",
"VERSION": "`version`",
"?": "`? [[command]]`",
"HELP": "`help [[command]]`",