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@ -13,12 +13,14 @@ The following is a list of current and future Burrow features:
- Graphical User Interface
- Back/Forward buttons, move about in session history
- Can also be done with vim style keys `h` and `l`
- Favorite button adds current page to favorites
- Home, shows favorites and is a start page _(configurable)_
- Address bar, on _ENTER_ submits a request for a _gopher_ page
- Settings button, brings up configuration menu __(non-functional)__
- Main window, displays request data/pages/files
- Vertical scroll bar
- Scrolling can also be done with vim style keys `j` and `k`
- A status bar to display various information
- Links in menu pages behave similar to http style hyperlinks
- Tabs __(non-functional)__
@ -89,3 +91,8 @@ To contribute, please branch off of `develop` and then submit a pull request int
## Disambiguity
There is [another project]( by the name of Burrow (that predates this one) by _jamestomasino_. It is a really cool collection of tools for managing gopher sites/projects. I definitely recommend checking it out!
## Related
Interested in gopher clients but want one for your terminal? Try my main, and currently very supported client, [bombadillo]( (it supports: gopher, gemini, finger, local files, telnet, and the web. That last one via integration with lynx, w3m, or elinks).

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@ -116,6 +116,10 @@ class GUI:
self.site_display.bind("<Up>", lambda event: self.site_display.yview_scroll(-1, 'units'))
self.site_display.bind("<Down>", lambda event: self.site_display.yview_scroll(1, 'units'))
self.site_display.bind("<Button-1>", lambda event: self.site_display.focus_set())
self.site_display.bind("k", lambda event: self.site_display.yview_scroll(-1, 'units'))
self.site_display.bind("j", lambda event: self.site_display.yview_scroll(1, 'units'))
self.site_display.bind("h", self.go_back)
self.site_display.bind("l", self.go_forward)
self.entry_url.bind("<Button-1>", lambda event: self.entry_url.focus_set())
self.root.protocol('WM_DELETE_WINDOW', self.close_window)
self.btn_favorite.bind("<Button-1>", self.add_to_favorites)