Updates notes and adds the first little bit of code

sloumdrone 4 years ago
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Takes the concept of interval.rs sound generation and moves it over to image generation.
Users can update certain variables that continue on when not called directly, they can also have math oriented udpates as well as loops
Possibility of functions (circle, square, etc)
rgba averaging on draw where there is a previous layer
different point sizes and a concept of soft or hard (hard being constant a channel soft being diminishing over time)
Lines can be drawn from a start point at an angle with a color soft or hard with an amount of pressure (that equates loosely to distance)
Points can be done mostly the same way
Everything writes to rgba farbfeld.
Possibility of user writable filter modules that can be activated via "use _______;" to do an opperation on teh whole canvas.
- - - - -
Inspired by interval.rs (generates audio via a simple command language), but filtering or otherwise drawing on images.
Things have shifted to maybe doing image mangling based on input file. To do so I could just use the standard go image library to deal with the images.
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@ -102,9 +85,13 @@ FAD [op]int
. . .
Doing loops:
# The int after BEG represents the number of times to loop
# At present, loops may not be nested
BEG int
[loop contents]
. . .

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package main
type point struct {
x int
y int
maxX int
maxY int
type color int
type mode int
type filterState struct {
red color
green color
blue color
alpha color
location point
mod mode
register int
fade uint
loop uint
func main() {