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# This filter creates squares and lines over an image in semi-random colors
# License note:
# This example file is public domain and was written by sloum (The "Non-Profit Open Software License 3.0"
# that covers the software does not apply to works _created_ by the software, only to the software itself
# and variations thereupon or services provided related to said software. Any filters you, the user, create
# may be covered under any license you like so long as the core filtress software is not used against its
# license. All example filters provided with filtress are released as public domain.
# Set mode to 1: average mode
# Set initial colors and set register 1
APH 255
RED 100
BLU 100
GRN 100
RG1 /20
RG1 /4
LOC +1:+1
BEG 100
COL +23:-81:*27:-0
APY +4:+4
LOC +0:+4
LOC +0:-4
LOC +RG1:*24