A moku-pona-like blogroll for the gemini protocol
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This is intended to be a golang based moku-pona-like program for gemini.



Adds a new flight to the system's spacewalk flight list.

  • spacewalk create flight


Updates the settings for a flight

  • spacewalk update flight


Removes an existing flight.

  • spacewalk remove flight


Adds a capsule to the a flight's feed. Requires the URL and a display name.

  • spacewalk add flight url title


Removes a capsule from the feed. Pass either a url or a display name.

  • spacewalk delete flight url|title


When called without further arguments, will list the available flights. When called with a flight as an argument will list the capsules for that flight.

  • spacewalk show [flight]


Checks for updates and builds the directory capsule. Takes a flight name to launch just that flight or will launch all flights when not passed a flight name.

  • spacewalk launch [flight]


flight config

Paths: $XDG_DATA_HOME/spacewalk/flight-config || ~/.local/share/spacewalk/flight-config Format: csv Structure: flight-name, launch-path, header-path, footer-path

flight data

Paths: $XDG_DATA_HOME/spacewalk/flights/{flight-slug} || ~/.local/share/spacewalk/flights/{flight-slug} Format: csv Structure: capsule-name, capsule-url, checksum, timestamp


capsule : a gemini site/page (a gemini URL) flight : a collection of capsules for which spacewalk can generate directory capsules.