Add a 'user' command, analogous to 'root' but jumps to a pubnix user's capsule if the URL starts with ~username.

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Solderpunk 2023-11-26 12:36:42 +01:00
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@ -122,6 +122,13 @@ class GeminiItem():
def root(self):
return GeminiItem(self._derive_url("/"))
def user(self):
if not self.path.startswith("/~"):
raise ValueError("This is not a tilde URL.")
new_path = self.path.split("/")[1] + "/"
return GeminiItem(self._derive_url(new_path))
def up(self):
pathbits = list(os.path.split(self.path.rstrip('/')))
# Don't try to go higher than root
@ -1046,6 +1053,14 @@ Slow internet connection? Use 'set timeout' to be more patient.""")
"""Go to root selector of the server hosting current item."""
def do_user(self, *args):
"""If the current URL has a leading ~user/ component, go to its root."""
except ValueError:
print("The current URL does not appear to start with a tilde dir.")
def do_back(self, *args):
"""Go back to the previous gemini item."""
if not self.history or self.hist_index == 0: