Added more details on the OpenBSD setup and pointed molly-brown.openbsd.example to the default molly.conf.

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@ -145,9 +145,25 @@ More detailed instructions on OpenRC setup are welcome!
An example OpenBSD initscript for Molly Brown, named
`molly-brown.openbsd.example`, can be found in the `contrib/init`
directory of the Molly Brown source directory.
directory of the Molly Brown source directory. After copying this
file to `/etc/rc.d/mollybrownd`, you can add the `mollybrownd`
daemon to your system startup with `rcctl` or by manually adding
`mollybrownd` to your `/etc/rc.conf.local` configuration. The
following lines in `rc.conf.local` will autostart your
`mollybrownd` daemon as the user `username`:
Be sure that the user running your `mollybrownd` daemon has
read access to `/etc/molly.conf` and all of the files and
directories listed in `/etc/molly.conf`. That user will
also need write access to the configured log file locations.
More detailed instructions on OpenBSD setup are welcome!
You can start your `mollybrownd` daemon with `rcctl`:
rcctl start mollybrownd
## Configuration Options

@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
daemon='/usr/sbin/molly-brown -c /etc/molly/molly.conf &'
daemon='/usr/sbin/molly-brown -c /etc/molly.conf &'
. /etc/rc.d/rc.subr