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# AppManager
A GUI for the OpenBSD package manager.
You can search for packages by typing text. There is a setting if you want to include packages description into the search.
[![Package list using search](images/list-fs8.png)](images/list-fs8.png)
You are prompted about your changes before applying changes:
[![Package list using search](images/recap-fs8.png)](images/recap-fs8.png)
# How to use
Install packages `godot` and `sqlports`, then execute `make run` in the sources directory.
# How to contribute
The project is done using Godot, import the project in godot editor (`godot-tools` for OpenBSD current and >= 7.2), all the code is there.
# Known bugs
- remove the doas_nopass knob that will run the pkg_add and pkg_delete commands in an external xterm because I can't run those programs silently if doas is asking for password
- resizing is badly handled
- some packages may appear twice in the list, this may be due to flavor/subpackages, it requires investigation