A secure inetd gopher daemon
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A simplistic and secure Gopher server

Khan is a gopher server supporting chroot meant to be run on inetd.

Khan design is relying on inetd, the idea is to delegate the network to a daemon which proved doing it correctly, so khan takes its request from stdin and outputs the result to stdout. This also makes it very easy to write tests for it.

Khan is perfectly secure if run on OpenBSD, using unveil() the filesystem access is restricted to one directory (default to /var/gopher/) and with pledge() only systems calls related to reading files and reading input/output are allowed.

In addition, it's possible to run khan into a chroot and drop privileges to a dedicated user on every system on which Khan compiles.


For some systems, the library libsd may be required.

git clone https://tildegit.org/solene/khan.git
cd khan
sudo make install

Running tests

Khan comes with a test suite you can use with make test.

Command line parameters

Khan has a few parameters you can use in inetd configuration.

  • -d PATH: use PATH as the data directory to serve files from. Default is /var/gopher
  • -u username: enable chroot to the data directory and drop privileges to username.

How to configure Khan using inetd

Create directory /var/gopher/, files will be served from there, or use -d parameter to choose another path.

Add this line to inetd.conf:

70 stream tcp nowait gopher_user /usr/local/bin/khan khan

On OpenBSD, enable and start inetd:

# rcctl enable inetd
# rcctl start inetd


Khan is based on Vger source code. I didn't want to add a lot of conditionals instructions to make Vger support both gemini and gopher protocol.