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# How to translate
There is a first step to support multilanguage, I would prefer having at least one webzine issue translated in another language to enhance the support to see how we can do this even better.
For now, the steps to translate are:
- pick a prefix for your language, like `fr` for French or `de` for German, I'll use `fr` in the example
- make a fork of this repository on tildegit or clone locally and use `git-format-patch` to send me patches
- in the directory `issues/` you can find a directory per issue. In an issue directory run `cat [0-9]*.html > fr_index.html` to create a file from the English content
- edit `fr_index.html` to do the translation in place
- submit the new file
If you prefer, you can split the files as long as they all start with the language prefix.