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# About this document
This document is meant to explain what should happen when an user is doing XYZ.
# Adding a new template
- USER edits the file to add a new template
- USER runs the `openkubsd apply`
- create a new qcow2 file
- install the OS
- deploy ssh key
- create a new user
- configure doas to permit all
- configure sndiod
- install programs from the configuration file
# Adding a new VM (not disposable)
- USER edits the file to add the new VM
- USER runs the `openkubsd apply`
- run the command that generates a fresh derived disk from the template
- create a new qcow2 file for /home
- generate the PF rules
- allow host NFS
- prevent IP spoofing
- block everything except the gateway
- allow sndio to the host if allowed in the configuration file
- generate the NFS directory for that VM
- generate the NFS /etc/exports line for that share (restricted to that VM)
# Adding a new VM (disposable)
- USER edits the file to add the new disposable VM (based on a template)
- nothing is done at this step
# Starting a VM
- USER runs something like `openkubsd start foobar`
- create a qcow2 derived from the template
- if disposable
- generate the PF rules
- generate the NFS directory
- generate the NFS /etc/exports
- starts the VM
- run a start script if in the configuration
# Starting a program in a VM
- USER runs something like `openkubsd start foobar firefox`
- try to start the VM / wait for the VM to be started (should support concurrency)
- run `ssh -Y $vm "firefox"`
# Stopping a VM
- USER runs `openkubsd stop $vm`
- stop the VM
- deleting the qcow2 derived file of the template
- if it's disposable
- delete the PF rules
- delete the NFS directory
- delete the NFS configuration
# Removing a VM
- USER removes VM foobar from the configuration file
- USER runs `openkubsd apply`
- extra VMs are removed
- their disks are removed (USER may be asked)