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prx c09063b10e -c is now relative to chroot and can be used with multiple vhosts 9 months ago
prx f973351945 reformat as much as possible.
Now main() is much simpler.
Removed all goto.
Less variables in main.
Simplified status_ to status().
Use a stop() function to log, send messages to stderr if necessary and close vger.
Minor fixes with defaults, mimes
There is still work to do to compare path using stat().
10 months ago
prx 4972df5999 Fix virtualhost support changing the way request is parsed 2 years ago
prx 470e47a018 Add simple cgi support +:
* read file byte after byte
* format code (syslog + err)
* move functions in utils.c
2 years ago
prx f60ea88c8d add mimetype and autoindex option + minor changes
* follow style(9) for prototypes
* move first most used extension for more effeciciency when looking for mime
* add opts.h to deal with options
* remove lang=en by default
* add option to set default mimetype
* add option to autoindex if no index.gmi found
* redirect if ending "/" is missing
* send appropriate status code if request too long
* edit manpage and README for new options
2 years ago