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prx 46f2c7238a replace strlcpy and strlcat by snprintf to reduce calls 2022-08-20 15:10:05 +02:00
prx 2b835bc39c import regex functions to parse request 2022-08-17 21:28:09 +02:00
prx f973351945 reformat as much as possible.
Now main() is much simpler.
Removed all goto.
Less variables in main.
Simplified status_ to status().
Use a stop() function to log, send messages to stderr if necessary and close vger.
Minor fixes with defaults, mimes
There is still work to do to compare path using stat().
2022-08-08 22:57:03 +02:00
prx 470e47a018 Add simple cgi support +:
* read file byte after byte
* format code (syslog + err)
* move functions in utils.c
2021-01-14 13:31:51 +01:00