a flexible messageboard for the gemini protocol
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motm - the messageboard on the moon

a flexible messageboard for the gemini protocol

live @ gemini://illegaldrugs.net/cgi-bin/motm


  • account registration with client certs
  • unlimited length post creation
  • basic moderation
  • bans and unbans
  • customizable templates for each page
  • flexible messageboard creation


  • python >= 3.7.3
  • cryptography >= 3.1
  • sqlite3
  • a gemini server fully compatible with jetforce's cgi implementation

using motm (end user)

  • navigation
    • navigating motm is fairly straightforward, select a board to view its posts, select a post to view its replies.
  • registration
    • if you try to post to a board you will get an error
    • this is because you are not registered
    • registration is a simple process, but it is easy to mess up and lose your username, read this fully before attempting to register
    • in order to register, go to gemini://[path to motm]/register, e.g. gemini://illegaldrugs.net/cgi-bin/motm/register for the messageboard hosted at gemini://illegaldrugs.net/cgi-bin/motm
    • you will be prompted for a username
    • input your username
    • if it is not taken, you will be given a client cert, as well as a key
    • save this page, it will not be regenerated
      • copy the key and cert into separate files, you should probably name them something like "[username].cert" and "[username].key" respectively
      • now, restart your client, this time supplying the respective certificate and key files
        • for example, with av98 i would run av98 --tls-cert [username].cert --tls-key [username].key
  • posting
    • once you have registered, you can create a new post by selecting the 'Create new post' option
    • input the title you would like to use for your post
    • now the post has been created
    • in order to add text to the post, navigate to it and select the 'Append' option
    • you may repeat this process as much as you like, the post is automatically updated on each append
    • no spaces or newlines are added for you when appending to a post, however a newline can be inserted by using the string "\n" in your text

hosting motm

  • make sure you are not root
  • clone this repo somewhere onto your computer
  • open the 'config/settings.json' file
    • edit the hostname entry in the server section to reflect the hostname or ip of your server
    • edit the names and settings for the 3 default boards, under defaultPosts adding more boards if you like
    • motm is not a board, leave that alone
  • run ./cli.py once to generate the necessary files
    • once you're done, ^C to exit
  • copy the 'motm.cgi' file to your cgi-bin
  • edit the 'motm.cgi' file so that it points to the repo you cloned earlier
  • start your server, making sure to specify the newly created 'certs/ca.cert' as your cafile

moderating motm

  • moderating your messageboard is done through the 'cli.py' script
  • motm provides a few commands for moderation
    • del_post [post id]
      • deletes a post
    • ban [username]
      • bans a user
    • unban [username]
      • unbans a user

customizing motm

  • basic customization is done by editing the templates in the 'config/templates' dir
  • further customization can be done by editing the settings.json file, though this file is fragile and improper editing can easily break the script


  • this software was tested with jetforce's cgi implementation, it should work with other servers provided they implement the necessary cgi vars for verifying tls certificates
  • password protected cas are not supported right now, if you create your ca with a password motm will break
  • the scoring system might be broken, or it might just be very inefficient
  • the code is a bit weird because i hastily switched from building off of jetforce to writing a purely cgi app. there are also probably some bugs because of that


q: why did you write this?

a: bored.

q: wait, what is this gemini thing anyway?

a: gemini is a protocol. https://gemini.circumlunar.space/

q: how do i pronounce 'motm'

a: one word like "bottom", or 4 letters like "em-oh-tee-em"

q: is motm named after the kid cudi album or the counter-strike player?

a: the counter-strike player, though those albums are fantastic, and you should check them out

the first experiment.

(c) 2020 oneseveneight/sose