an imageboard in sh
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#shi SHell Imageboard

no php, no js, just POSIX shell, gnu coreutils, nc, html and css


  • posting
  • replies
  • images
  • timestamps
  • more

to use it

  • git clone <this repo>
  • cd <this repos folder>
  • touch log.txt
  • cp templates/mainindex.html ./index.html
  • point your web server to ./index.html
  • to run shi
    • ./ &
    • tail -f log.txt
  • to make a board:
    • mkdir -p boards/<boardname>
    • cp templates/index.html.template boards/<boardname>/index.html
    • cp templates/main.css.template boards/<boardname>/main.css
  • to stop shi
    • killall
  • to post to shi
    • copy the script at the top of the board into your terminal
    • hit enter, follow the prompts

i know the file permissions are weird i'll fix them at some point