nightmare powered hltv live score getter, live at
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sk0r logo

a script to get live scores from


  • node.js
  • npm
  • http node package
  • nightmare
  • electron
  • libgtk-2-0
  • libgconf-2-4
  • xvfb (if you're running it headless)


  • sudo apt install libgtk2.0-0 libgconf-2-4 (if you're on debian, other distros idk)
  • sudo apt install xvfb (again, on debian)
  • git clone
  • cd sk0r
  • npm install nightmare
  • npm install http
  • sudo npm install -g electron --unsafe-perm=true
  • node sk0r.js
  • or xvfb-run node sk0r.js for headless
  • the server will serve live game data in JSON format on localhost port 8000
    • not too sure about node's http server security, you might want to use a reverse proxy if you're exposing it to the web
  • if you don't want to manually refresh the browser page there is the script in this repo that will do it for you
    • scores are automatically updated, but this is necessary to get new matches


  • use you favourite http client or web browser and point it to 'http://localhost:8000'
    • JSON will be served
  • scores will update each time you access the page
  • to refresh the electron browser page, access 'http://localhost:8000?reload'
    • this will fetch the newest matches, but is generally only necessary if they havent been refreshed in a while
    • it also sends a request to hltv's servers, so use it sparingly


  • if you want to change the host or port you can change the variables at the top of the script
  • to modify rate limiting behavior, you can also modify those variables at the top of the script as well
    • the rate limit is for the script, and prevents too much refreshing of the browser page


  • its really hard to scrape hltv live scores any other way


  • its electron, don't run it on your 340e
  • the rate limit functionality is not intuitive, but it was easy to write
  • it's named after this kid (hes good)

additional notes

  • i hate javascript
  • i dont know how to write javascript
  • i dont know how to use nightmare

more notes

  • hltv doesn't like you scraping them, they'll probably break this and/or send me a c&d soon
  • in keeping with the theme of naming projects after counter-strike players, the next project i release will be a mobile phone operating system named "ANDROID"

(c) oneseveneight/sose